What Students Say


HCWR-2016-2“You are an inspiring teacher, a courageous writer and gifted facilitator… a master of helping people to feel at home and take risks on the page. Thank you for your warm heart.”     —Jennifer Cunningham & Leo Figgs

“I’ve been so happy to participate in your writing workshops. I feel very much a part of the process, and the baseline is warm and secure, allowing room for all to express themselves.”         —Regina Gilligan

“Sarah used her deep connection to, and understanding of, this earth’s natural processes to keep bringing us back to what is most important in life. The workshop brought me back to myself in a way I could not have done by myself. I will take the experience with me…and it will sustain me until the next time. I will remember this time with great fondness and a feeling of being welcomed, accepted and included without judgment.”                                                                                                                                                                  —Jane Christmas

“Sarah is a brilliant and wise teacher of both writing & visual art.”  —D.K.

Student Photo 1“Your writing workshop was easily one of my favorite 5-day spans of the past few years.”         —K.E.R.

“What an incredible opportunity to go through prompt after prompt, and have someone else provide the material and keep time. Very rich and wonderful.”  —C.R.

“Sarah’s teaching style is a perfect balance of skill and technique with personal feelings.”  —A.B.

“Thanks again for the energy, passion and skill you put into your workshop and also your talent at drawing lessons and inspiration from nature.”  —R.E.

“Sarah knows how to push writers to the edge of their creativity. We wrote more in two days than I have done in the past year.”  —L.C.B.Studen tPhoto 2

“Thank you, Sarah. I didn’t know poems could be pulled out of me in such a short time.”  —F.C.

“This was a beautifully conceived workshop.”  —C.

“Sarah’s thoughtful, thorough preparation really paid off. I think we all made amazing progress toward our writing objectives in just three short days, with good suggestions for the future.”   —A.B.

StudentPhoto3“I learned not only how to experience and document nature but to do it without inhibition and with a more focused power of observation.”  —C.Z.

“This class was great in the sense that it has instilled in me the idea of a journal being used to induce ‘wakefulness.’ Sarah helped in this process by being the gentle and inventive person that she is.”  —J.M.E.

“I consider what I’ve received from this class a watershed event in my life: a new way to look at the world, and in particular a new way to portray the world around me.”  —D.W.