Services & Rates

Are My Services Right for You?

My clients range from high school and college students to professional authors. I work with writers of nonfiction prose in a wide range of forms and genres, from application essays to publicity materials to books. If you’re unsure whether my offerings match your needs, you can contact me to initiate a free consultation.

What I Offer

WritingTheFalls4I tailor each job to the needs of the client and the nature of the project, providing one or more of the following services:

Editing: I can help you develop your vision, evaluate intermediate drafts, and/or clarify, organize, tighten, and polish final documents, from memos to manuscripts. (I offer conceptual, developmental, and stylistic editing rather than straight copyediting or proofreading.)

Coaching: I offer strategies and encouragement for getting started, following through, organizing projects, increasing productivity, and battling blocks. I also provide support for setting goals and periodic check-ins to help you stay on track with a large project.

Teaching: I lead customized workshops or individualized instruction on topics ranging from creative exploration and illustrated field notebooks to research and reporting to grammar, vocabulary, and style.


Mental CultivationWays of Working

We can work in person, over the phone, via email or post—whatever best suits your needs.

I usually work with digital copy, using the Track Changes and Comment functions in Microsoft Word. I can also work in Google Docs and other document-sharing platforms. Alternatively, I can provide handwritten comments on a hard copy, with attached written feedback.


Yield SignRates & Billing

After a free initial half-hour consultation, I charge $65 per hour for all services, including both manuscript editing and consultations by email or phone or in person.

For large projects, I can usually provide a rough estimate of the overall editing time required after I have spent two to four initial hours on the job.

By prior arrangement, I also bill for significant ancillary expenses such as telephone charges or substantial travel time or cost.

At the conclusion of a job (or, for longer-term projects, at the conclusion of each month during which I work on the job), I will email or snail-mail an invoice, payable upon receipt by check or cash.

Some clients prefer to pay ahead for a set number of hours, working with me over time until the advance is used up. Knowing you’ve already paid for my services can provide extra motivation.


BanksIslandLibraryAreas of Special Interest

I can be of use to writers in almost any field, and enjoy working with a wide variety of subjects. I have expertise, training, or particular interest in a few areas, including personal essay & memoir; science, health, & medicine; natural history; environmental issues; organic agriculture & sustainable food systems; oral history; political activism & social change; visual & performing arts; spirituality; psychology; education; travel.