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Good sources for writing & art supplies: Daniel Smith; Dick Blick; Cheap Joe’s; Paper & Ink Arts



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Just for fun, a few favorite places to stay:

Hopewell Lodge, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

McMenamin’s Edgefield, Troutdale, OR

McMenamin’s Kennedy School, Portland, OR

Motel Inverness, Inverness, CA

WolfCreekInnOutside Inn, Nevada City, CA

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, OR

Wolf Creek Inn, Wolf Creek, OR

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These friends, colleagues and organizations have supported and inspired my work;  I encourage you to explore theirs. Check this page from time to time for newly added links.

Redwoods5Artists, Writers, Musicians & Naturalists

Susan Anders, singer, songwriter, vocal coach

Barbara Bash, artist, illustrator, calligrapher, teacher

Tandy Beal, director, choreographer, performer, teacher

Sandy Bell, designer

Jacquie Bellon, artist, writer

Claudia Bloom, violinist, music teacher

Thomas Bosket, artist, teacher

Katie Chase, writer

John Daniel, writer

Shawn Demarest, artist

Deborah DeWit, painter, photographer, writer

Benj Drummond & Sara Joy Steele, multimedia storytelling team

Sarah Drummond, artist

Andrew Duclos, artist

Irene Guidici Ehret, artist

Alisa Fineman & Kimball Hurd, singer-songwriters

Carolyn Foster, teacher, coach

Maria Cecilia Freeman, artist, illustrator

Sara Friedlander, artist

Katy Gilmore, artist

Melissa Hart, artist, teacher

Hannah Hinchman, artist, writer, teacher, naturalist

Jenny Kurzweil, writer

Redwoods5John Muir Laws, teacher, naturalist, artist

Clare Walker Leslie, writer, teacher, artist

Naomi Lore, writer, photographer

Joanna Macy, teacher, writer, ecophilosopher

Melissa Madenski, writer

Kay Martin, jazz vocalist

Jose (Elsa) Campion McCarthy, writer

Christian McEwen, writer

Stephen McMillan, printmaker

Kat Meads, writer

John Moir, writer

Pat Musick, artist, writer

Gary Paul Nabhan, ethnobiologist, writer

Liam O’Brien, lepidopterist, illustrator

Margy O’Brien, artist, illustrator

Chandler O’Leary, artist, illustrator

Teresa Ponikvar, writer

Irene Reti, writer, oral historian, publisher, photographer

The late Don Rothman, writer, teacher, photographer

Robert Shetterly, artist

Kim Stafford, writer, teacher, musician

Story Lines, multimedia storytelling by Esther Ehrlich and Neal Davis

Amber Coverdale Sumrall, writer, teacher

Andie Thrams, artist, teacher

Eliot Treichel, writer

Stephen Trimble, photographer, writer

Susan J. Tweit, writer, teacher

Carl Vandervoort, filmmaker

Susan Zwinger, writer, artist, teacher

FieldWork2Centers for Creative Residency, Retreat & Study

New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur, CA

Playa, Summer Lake, OR

Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA

Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Cascade Head, OR

University of Washington H. R. Whiteley Center, Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands

BeetlesResources for Natural History Education

California Naturalist Program

Cloud Ridge Naturalists

Mono Lake Committee

Natural History Network

North Cascades Institute

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

Phyte Club

MissionOpuntiaPoint Reyes Field Institute

San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Sierra Institute

UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

UC Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History Collections

Watsonville Wetlands Watch

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